Dana-co Set to Reintroduce Innovative Wearable Solutions Brand GO2BRAS

Relaunch will address everyday intimate apparel needs of women of all shapes and sizes

NEW YORK—Dana-co LLC today announced that it will answer the longstanding plea of consumers for pretty, solution-oriented bras in a varied range of sizes with the launch of a new GO2BRAS brand. GO2BRAS promises to flatter and enhance the unique shapes of modern, classic women by offering essentials that fit simply and comfortably into their specific wardrobe needs and wants. The brand will kick off with a series of live shows on QVC in July 13 2013, and a full assortment will be available through GO2BRAS.com and select online retailers.

“We’re really feeling energized with the relaunch of the GO2BRAS brand because it has allowed us to transform our customers’ requests into the solutions they need,” said Zvi Ertel, President of Dana-co LLC. “Our customers have inspired some of our greatest ideas, and we’re excited to share how their feedback has driven the re-imagination of the GO2BRAS brand.”

GO2BRAS will be supported by founder Connie Elder as the brand spokesperson, a passionate advocate for those who crave a lingerie brand that makes them feel confident and beautiful. As spokesperson, Elder will continue to engage with consumers to ensure women have a voice in the design of their intimate apparel wardrobe. She will also appear as host of the live QVC shows promoting the importance of the brand’s fit, features and versatility.

With price points starting at just $36, GO2BRAS will offer a wide array of styles and sizes that are both accessible and indispensable. Sizes range from 32-48 and from B-H allowing women who previously had difficulty finding comfortable and reliable bras to enjoy fashionable, functional solutions.

About Dana-co

Dana-co LLC is a well-established, highly successful designer, importer and marketer of better women’s intimate apparel. The Company enjoys a solid reputation among retailers as a leading design resource in its product categories, which include women’s foundations, underwear and select daywear items. Dana-co has become renown in the industry for superior fit, luxuriously high-quality fabrics and construction, and innovative design concepts. The Company’s portfolio includes licenses for the various Natori foundations brands, Sofia by Sofia Vergara intimates and a successful private label business. For more information on Dana-co, visit http://www.dana-co.com.

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Choosing The Correct Bra, As Explained By GO2BRAS

Many of you wear bras that are not correctly sized, or the bra may be inappropriate for the activities you have on the calendar.  Choosing a bra can be difficult, especially online when there is such a wide assortment of bras from which to choose.  There are several ideas and to take into account when choosing a bra, all of which will make the process easier.

The first thing you want to consider when shopping for a bra is what you intend to do while wearing the bra.  For a Pilates class, you will want to consider a sports bra.  T-shirts and form fitting clothes will call for a seamless bra that is made of a smooth material, much like the Tiffany from GO2BRAS®.  Strapless bras are designed to be worn with a strapless top, or a beautiful strapless gown, and they are not just for B cups because our Marilyn style provides comfort and support up to a size G.  Pregnancy will require a maternity bra, one that is designed with your specific needs in mind.

In addition to considering what you want your bra to accomplish for you, you will also want to consider the type of support provided.  Those of us seeking more support need to shop for underwire bras that come with additional side panels, the type which provide support that can be almost invisible.  The underwire bra has earned a bit of a bad reputation with many women, due to generations of discomfort, but our own Susan and Lisa were designed as truly “comfortable” underwire bras.  The Susan provides beautiful lift, shape and support that is beyond compare.  Lisa also provides seamless lift and shape.  Choosing a bra with the proper amount of support is very important, and our team can always discuss bra options with you if you call 615.885.1800.

Style is always a concern when choosing a bra from the GO2BRAS available, as our options run from lacy and very beautiful to practical bras that get you ready for an average day.  We like the idea of always having a few dressy bras, the kind you match with panties, for those special occasions.  Basic bras tend to be designed more for the comfort of being equipped for an average day at the office; they team up well with most of your wardrobe and let you feel ready to conquer the world.  In addition to style, you may also want to consider nude bras for wear under a top that is either sheer or light colored. Nude is your best choice for a bra that will disappear under most clothes.

Comfort tends to be our personal deal breaker, because we have all worn bras that are uncomfortable for simple reasons.  Discomfort does not need to be a part of your daily life, and it simply takes a phone call to the GO2BRAS team to ensure that you do not suffer in an uncomfortable bra.

Visit http://www.go2bras.com to check for a bra that fits your needs, and then give us a call at 615.885.1800 to get a little help with the real fit.


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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra!

It is a rite of passage for an adolescent girl to stand in a dressing room, embarrassed, while mom and the saleslady search for her first bra.  Even as we grow older and more comfortable with our curves, finding the perfect bra can still feel a bit like an unsolved mystery.  Finding the right bra does not have to be so elusive. Follow the 5 rules of bra shopping to end your hunt for the perfect fit once and for all.

Rule #1: Know your measurements.

The first thing a woman should do before buying a bra is get fitted, which entails getting measured directly under the bust and across the fullest part of the bust. The biggest mistake is that most women do not get fitted, or they only get fitted once.  Consider a “bra checkup” when you encounter anything like weight gain, pregnancy, getting back into a traditional bra after nursing, puberty or menopause.

Rule #2: Your cups should be front and center.

Once you find out your real bra size, it is important to find a bra that provides support and correctly positions your breasts.  When you are looking in the mirror, your bra should lift and center your bust midway between your shoulders and elbows but you always want your breasts to remain within your bodies frame.

Rule #3: The bra should fit firmly around your frame.

Women often associate looseness with comfort, but bras should always have a snug fit. A brassiere gets 90 percent of its stability from the band being firm and level around the body. If your bra is too loose, it will shift up the back and cause every component that’s supposed to provide support to be unstable. When the back shifts up automatically in the front, your breast are lowered toward your waistline in the front.  Low hanging breast absolutely will make you look older and not to mention, does nothing for your posture.

Rule #4: Account for stretching.

Most straps and back wings of bras are made of flexible, comfortable materials, like Lycra and spandex. Over time, with normal wear, they will eventually stretch out.  When these component stretch out, you no longer have the lift and support you had from the bra when it was new.  TIP:  Always hang to air dry your undergarments for a longer life.

Rule #5: Wear the right shirt when shopping.

Even though you’re shopping for something that goes under your garments, make sure you have the correct top on when you hit the store.  A loose shirt will not accurately show you how a bra will look, especially if you choose to wear it under more body-conscious clothing.  Always put your shirt on to see how the bra makes you look in your clothes.  Look from the front and the side.  Take note if seams or raised decoration show through, the shape it provides for your bust line, etc.

You can always find GO2BRAS on Facebook and Twitter!

Go2Bra Tiffany

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How Long Should My Bra Last (part 2)

After reading our previous article, it is obvious that the longevity of your bra is not just a simple numbers game.  The retirement age for your investment undergarments actually must also consider cup size, activity level and quality.  Taking the basic concept of 125 wears, combining it with the factors that make “you” who you are, brings longevity to one final set of factors.

  • How Often You Wear It:  If you do wear a bra daily for several weeks, you are failing to give the bra an opportunity to physically “snap back,” meaning that the lifespan of the bra will be severely shortened.  Even if you have two to three bras that encompass the majority of your “bra rotation,” you will notice your bras begin to lose their structure around the four to five month mark due to the amount of wear each bra receives.  It is better to have at least four or five bras in rotation, if you would like to see your investments last longer.
  • Exceptions:  The styles of bras that may last longer are strapless, convertible and special occasion bras.  These are not necessarily a part of your normal weekly rotation.
  • How You Choose To Care For It:  We have heard from many of our friends on the Go2Bras Facebook account that they prefer to use both the washer and dryer for care of their bras, assuring us that this choice works well on the “delicate” cycle.  The reality is that this time saver is actually a method for surefire destruction, eating away at the average lifespan of a bra quite quickly.  The Go2Bras team does suggest that you avoid the machines altogether, instead going by the tried and true method of washing bras by hand and allowing them to air dry.  This will definitely increase the overall length of life for a bra, potentially taking it outside the range of 125 wears.  Just remember…the dryer is always a NO-NO!

When you purchase a new bra, consider that the overall investment is a matter of multiple wears and the overall length of life for that bra.  An investment of $36.00 may seem steep from the get-go but, when you look at it from the perspective of 125 wears, you have just brought “looking good” and “feeling fantastic” down to an investment of twenty-five cents per wear!  Taking the time for proper care will ensure that the bottom line comes down even more!

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How Long Should My Go2Bras Bra Last?

A bra is considered an investment piece in our attire, and as it is truly an asset, it is natural to want to know how long you should expect a quality bra to last you.  There are experts out there who will suggest that a bra should last between six and ten months, or something close to 125 wears, which is actually a reasonable starting point for the discussion.  Beyond the simple mathematical equation, there are a number of factors that can add to the life of your bra or bring it in under the six months.

  • Larger Cup Sizes:  Women who have heavier breast tissue, and wear larger cup sizes, may find that bras that they have purchased from an average retail store simply do not last as long.  The reason for the decrease life-span is two-fold; first in that a bra for a DDD cup woman has to work harder than the bra for a C cup woman; you must also take into consideration that a bra purchased at an average retail agent is typically produced for the most minimal investment by the supplier.
  • Activity Level:  If you have a desk job, the kind at which your bra needs to do little more than keep things in place and looking awesome, then the bra will definitely have much less wear and tear being placed on it on an average day.  If you are working at a job that requires you to be on your feet much more, possibly twisting and lifting quite a bit, the job for the bra will be quite different.  The more the elastic is stretched through the day, the faster the bra will wear out and stop providing the appropriate support.
  • Quality:  Always remember that not all bras are created equal, and even bras that you purchase in high-end stores will not always warrant a prolonged life.  At Go2Bras, we put the time and effort into creating long-lasting beautiful bras specifically for women wearing cup sizes C-DDD.  We do our best to give you affordable bras that we know will last the test of time!

Please check back for our next article, which will run you through the basic “absolutes” that you must consider when weighing the longevity of your bras.

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Welcome to GO2 BRAS!

GO2 BRAS are about… FIT, FASHION & FUNCTION! Connie Elder, founder of LIPO IN A BOX Shapewear brings this fabulous NEW line of bras to women in search of bras with great FIT, FASHION & FUNCTION!
We specialize in C-DDD cups sizes.  We offer B and G cups sizes.  We offer band sizes from 32-48, depending on the style and color.  We believe all women should have beautiful, great fitting bras.
Be the first to learn about new styles, special offers and NEWS we have to share! 

We pride ourselves on great customer service. You can order online or call our office during business hours for individual customer service, no matter where you live.

For those who live in Nashville or surrounding areas, you can call our office for a fit appointment 615.885.1800.
Mon-Fri; 9-5pmCT (appointments outside of business hours may be arranged, call to schedule)

We are happy to work with you individually or bring along a friend or family member. We would love to introduce you to our complete line of bras, panties & shapewear. We will help you get the RIGHT fit, so you can look and feel your best.

For those who live elsewhere…visit our website at www.go2bras.com and call our office during business hours for personalized customer service. We are happy to provide the customer service you deserve.

Our blog will be offering valuable information about how to get the right fit, what to look for in a bras for different body types and styles of clothing and so much more valuable information for us and our girls.
We believe all women deserve great fitting bras.  Just like your best friends they should be uplifting and supporting!
Come by and LIKE us at www.facebook.com/go2bra and visit our website at www.go2bras.com to sign up for our newsletter.
More to come…
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